UMS has four trading formats: Powertrade, Food Town, Best Buy and Price Rite.

The independent wholesale and retail landscape in South Africa comprises a variety of trading formats, including full franchise stores, voluntary trading associations, independent major stores, independent buying groups with centralised accounts and independent buying groups with direct accounts. Independent wholesalers and retailers in South Africa serve approximately 70% of South Africa’s consumers. Many of these family-owned businesses have been serving their communities for decades, with the business being passed on through generations. UMS provides an infrastructure for these businesses to compete on equal terms with formal retail.


UMS and our members are masters in building relationships with their communities. 
Community involvement is fundamental to our members’ philosophy and an integral part of the UMS culture. 

Working in partnership, adding value, building communities, putting family first.

UMS member stores have close relationships with their communities, from being the local meeting place and employing members of the community, to sponsorships, school programmes, fundraising, safety and security of children, feeding programmes and extensive community charity initiatives.