• March 2000

    UMS commences trading

  • October 2001

    9 employees, one office, one member

  • May 2006

    UMS management buy-out. Consortium of members and other shareholders

  • September 2011

    UMS celebrates 10-year anniversary; a decade of growth and success

  • October 2011

    90 employees; 3 Divisions plus Head Office; 100 members across 4 countries. Over 300 listed suppliers

  • March 2012

    UMS Academy is launched

  • September 2012

    UMS private label brand UNITY is launched

  • October 2012

    UMS/IGA partnership is announced

  • February 2014

    UMS Africa Division is launched

  • April 2015

    100 employees; 102 members; 235 member outlets

  • October 2015

    UMS Eastern Cape is launched

  • July 2015

    Best Buy Foods model is launched

  • June 2016

    112 employees; 275 member outlets; 4 Divisions plus Head Office; 106 members

  • September 2016

    15-year anniversary. UMS partners with major independents to form one power group

  • October 2017

    Sefalana Holdings invests into UMS consortium

  • December 2017

    UMS announces formation of Unitrade Investment Holdings (UIH), comprising two operating entities: Unitrade Management Services (UMS) and Consolidated Store Holdings (CSH)

  • December 2019

    Bigger and better! Unitrade Management Services (UMS) and Consolidated Store Holdings (CSH) move into their new home at the UIH Building, situated at 5 Handel Road, Ormonde, Johannesburg.


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